The Legendary Miss Britney Spears

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 Femme Fatales

I'm Deanna. I stan for Britney and the song Inside Out. Britney Spears official tumblr follows me. And remember, those who do not trust in Godney, cannot be trusted in life, period.

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1-800-no1currr said: Does your boyfriend like Britney as well or does he just put up with your love for her?

Aww good question bb! Well before we dated he told me that he always had a crush on her (naturally). But now that we’re dating I think he found a new respect for her. Especially after I made him watch Britney: For The Record, which he loved. So I would say after watching the documentary he is a fan. I would most certainly hope he’s not just putting with it, but if that’s the case he’s gonna be dealing with my love for Britney for the rest of his life

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5 notes
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  1. ohhhstop said: i had my boyfriend watch her E! true hollywood story with me and he loves and respects her so much!!! it warms my heart!!! :-)
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