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 Femme Fatales

I'm Deanna. I stan for Britney and the song Inside Out. Britney Spears official tumblr follows me. And remember, those who do not trust in Godney, cannot be trusted in life, period.

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qtalert said: I don't think it's been confirmed yet, but i figured if anybody knows it'll be you. Are the neptunes working on album #8? All I need on this record is Danja and them to complete the list, and Bloodshy of course. I wanna see Brit working with him again for sure. What are you feeling about Will being exec producer?

Prayer circle for the Neptunes and Danja to be on this upcoming album bb. Those names have been tossed around, but not confirmed. I am ALL for that though so I seriously hope it happens.

As for Will, I don’t want him necessarily being an executive producer, but if he can produce a song for her without including himself I am all for it. I won’t lie, his beats are amazing, and Scream and Shout is the perfect beat to twerk to. And I like how warmly he has spoken about her in the media, so I would approve as long as he kept his ratchet ass voice off the track

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