The Legendary Miss Britney Spears

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 Femme Fatales

I'm Deanna. I stan for Britney and the song Inside Out. Britney Spears official tumblr follows me. And remember, those who do not trust in Godney, cannot be trusted in life, period.

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Anonymous said: What songs do you think were Britney's biggest missed opportunities? (Like they weren't singles, but you think they would've been iconic if they were)

First four songs that come to mind are Unusual You, Out From Under, He About To Lose Me and INSIDE OUT. I think Britney’s ballads are always overlooked for uptempo songs.

But honestly I will forever remain pressed at Inside Out not being a single till the day I die

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  1. ricomakehoes said: OMG INSIDE OUTTTTTTTTT, crying forever
  2. blueinterrupted said: I AGREE WITH YOU SO HARD ON THE CHOICES OMFG!!
  3. natemadeit said: fucking SAME about inside out omg.
  4. xocherhorowitz said: I cry when I think about how amazing it would have been if she’d released Inside Out
  5. otherbully1 said: Definitely agree about Inside Out
  6. badbitchbrit said: maybe it’ll pull a Radar and be included on Album 8 so that they can justify releasing it (late) as a single and make a music video *hopeful wishing*
  7. ibiany said: Inside Out
  9. godney posted this


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