The Legendary Miss Britney Spears

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 Femme Fatales

I'm Deanna. I stan for Britney and the song Inside Out. Britney Spears official tumblr follows me. And remember, those who do not trust in Godney, cannot be trusted in life, period.

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Anonymous said: What's your least favorite song on Blackout? (you have to pick one! haha) Mine is Break the Ice. Get Naked or Perfect Lover shoulda been the 3rd single imo :)

Ugh bb why are you doing this to me!!! Ugh fine. I am appalled that you don’t like Break The Ice though. But ok fine. Least favorite song is Heaven on Earth. And I ONLY say that because it has the least play count, and I tend to skip it because I personally find the song cheesy. BUT Blackout is flawless and this was hard!!

7 February × 03:12pm × 9 notes
9 notes

  1. blazeoflight said: who doesn’t like break the ice omg….
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