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I'm Deanna. I stan for Britney and the song Inside Out. Britney Spears official tumblr follows me. And remember, those who do not trust in Godney, cannot be trusted in life, period.

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Anonymous asked: More people have come out and said that britney does not sing her own songs (featured in perezhilton). What is your opinion on the fact?!

I think the rumors are ridiculous, and obviously false, and that is all I will say about that bullshit

22 February × 02:21pm × 5 notes
5 notes

  1. khloekardash1an said: lmao they believe perez hilton? lawd they might as well say they made that shit up. he’s a fat hater tbh
  2. zaynspersonalbodyinspector said: THIS IS ALL FALSE PEREZ HILTON SHALL BURN IN HELL
  3. godney posted this


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